Community Gardening

From Jason Mraz’s Blog

“I’m calling the next generation of farmers to action.

This is a story. It is a beautiful story. It is a story is about you and me. And how we gave up greed, corruption and ignorance. We realized that HUManity, HUMility and HUMus all came “from the earth.” And so, we kneeled and kissed the ground. And the earth spoke to us. And here is what she said: Be a Farmer. Grow food. Build community. Save the planet. #beafarmer #growfood #kisstheground #thesoilstory

The Average age of today’s farmer is between 60 & 70. And they hope to retire soon. We need 4-6 million new farmers just to replace them. And we need good food farmers to make sure our future isn’t fed from factory farms, chemical fertilizers, and GMO seeds. YUCK.

Did you know that organic, regenerative farmers could put an end to the climate crisis? The solution is IN THE SOIL!

New farmers wanted. Change your world with this course: Graeme Sait’s in LA, September 15th-18th. And check out Graeme’s Ted Talk.”


I love that Jason Mraz!  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time and eat organic fruits and vegetables grown from your own garden?  How lovely does that sound?  No more questioning pesticides and nutritional value.  No more over spending on groceries.  Unfortunately with our hectic schedules, just thinking about grocery shopping gets stressful.  One day, I was just fed up with the ridiculous prices for Organics.  FED UP! Did you know it costs the farmers extra $$ to get their produced certified Organic?  Who do you think pays for that?  WE DO!!  ” I wish we can live in a community where everybody grows their own plants and we can just share the produce.”   Turns out, community gardening is a popular thing!  What?? I  know!  I was astonished too!

My friend Emma immediately organized a Facebook group and event, Seedling Party!  Fortunately we had Emma because most of us had absolutely no clue what we were doing.

We needed:
Egg Cartons

Everyone contributed seeds and we split the cost for everything else

IMG_2586  Coir- Natural fiber extracted from coconut husk.

The process turned out simple enough!  We added our mixed soil to the egg cartons (double layered with the cap on the bottom). She mixed up compost, soil, and Coir together in a bucket.



Added the seeds into each circular component in the egg carton (2-3 seeds) per.


That’s it!! Easy enough right?  I’ll be checking back in, in a few months and we’ll see how our babies are doing!

I took home Carrots, Onions, and Mixed Greens.  Updates will be posted!!

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