Over Thinking Diets and Fads

Consumers Nation

We’re all consumers.  If anybody has anything in common… that would be it.  We’re ALL CONSUMERS.   How did we come to live this way… totally not the right time to get into right now.  Don’t you dare get me started… nooo, you don’t want to get me started.  What I’m getting at is this.

If you were a company or business owner, what would be your main objective?  TO MAKE $$$!  It’s not necessarily greedy,  we’re all out doing the same thing aren’t we?  I’m going to look at statistics.  68.8% are considered to be overweight-obese in America. Here’s the most important thing… it’s throughout ALL SOCIOECONOMIC STATUSES.  You see how this affects marketing in corporations?

During recession, weren’t all ads directed to BEING HAPPY with these awesome LOW PRICES?  Happy music in the background… Instant satisfaction if you buy this, or that.  Saving $ here will make YOU HAPPY!


That smiley face look familiar?  “Smile, you’re saving even more!”

Now they see a different trend.  More people are trying to get healthier.  More and more people have been touched by someone they know and love who’s gone through horrific health battles.  More people are realizing that, hey!  I think I should try to be healthy.  TRY  in this context is important.  I’ll get into that in a bit, but let’s get back to the meeting with our “President of Marketing”.   President of marketing points at his employee and says, ” I think you’re onto something”.  Then he assigns him to be head of “health and wellness campaign”.  “Let’s see what’s trending…” Gluten Free!  “Write that down.”  Omega 3!  “Write that down.” Whole Grains!  Calcium! Vitamin D! Protein! “Oh yeah.. Good one! Everything technically has protein!”  You get the point.








Wow… Really Kellogs? How much antioxidants is really in those Cocoa Krispies to  fight flues and colds?  And Hot Pockets?  You’re really going to promote protein, calcium and iron under all that greasy processed B.S?  Orange Juice… enriched with calcium and vitamin D now?  That makes it so much better than the orange juice label we had before.



What about those Diet and exercise equipment fads? Shake Weight?  Slim waist band? 10 Second Abs?  Dr. Oz is practically a sorcerer!  No Pills, No Exercise?  Just real results ey?

ads- fads  ads- fads2



Why do we need to TRY?  Being healthy is just diet and exercise right?  EVERYONE knows that… But with all these sideline distractions, theres no wonder why we have to keep TRYING.  It doesn’t work long term!!

Transformation pictures subconsciously show that you can have one body now and a whole new body instantly!  And Mr. Oz up there seems to think that he can find a miracle drug for every episode!  Not to mention our former food pyramid was completely wrong!  We were never taught how to be healthy and these crazy businesses aren’t helping!

As a nation, we’re all stuck in a bad habit rut. Habits are difficult to overcome!  Ask any smoker or nail biter.  The difference between a smoker and a nail biter is that smoking has chemicals to catalyze the addiction.  Guess what?  SO DOES FOOD!  There is no easy way out.

Eat natural foods with REAL SOURCES OF VITAMINS.  Sweat, move, get your heart rate up.  Most importantly, don’t compare yourself to anybody else but you.  Don’t ever feel discouraged.  When your bad habits kick in, you kick it right back.  POW!  You’re the boss.

Be the smart consumer and goodluck!

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